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Free firing services for metal clay! Great for newbies who don't want to invest in a kiln. Don't worry about firing those technical and tricky clays. Just send them to us!

Project X - the evolution of metal clay

Project X .999 Silver Clay

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Project X .999 Flex Silver Clay

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Project X .999 Silver Clay Syringe

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Project X .960 Flex Silver Clay

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Project X .960 Silver Clay

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Project X .999 Silver Clay Paste

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Project X .925 Silver Clay

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Project X X2O Rehydration Fluid 1 fl oz / 30 ml

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Jennifer Knollenberg

I feel like my hands are not 100% my own when I create. The materials tell me what they want to be & my hands do their bidding. Being creative transforms my dreams & ideas into reality. I see the unusual in the usual. I make connections between things that aren't normally related to create something entirely new.

Ashley Lozano

I got started making jewelry in my early twenties when I had my first child. I was looking for a necklace with his name on it and I felt like all of the things I was seeing online didn’t come close to conveying what I felt for this kid. I didn’t originally intend to sell, but people asked for my work - I had stumbled into a career!

Stephanie Chavez

Teaching has become the forefront of what I do! I love teaching & introducing so many people to the world of PMC! It is a material that I love & I have never lost the passion for it. There are so many endless possibilities to explore! It might be a little cheesy but, I STILL get jitters every time I open the kiln!

Customer Testimonials

"Awesome Customer Service-Clay Revolution has awesome customer service! I ran out of these bezel rounds mid project. Carrie is the only place that sells solid brass bezels like this that don’t melt while soldering them in place. I had issues with this project and needed to solder five times! Cameron & Carrie both worked hard getting this item back in stock and out to me. This is a great pair to work with."

Holly Cromwell

"Thank you so much!! You are such a great company to work with, and you continue to impress me with your kindness and amazing customer service. A company with heart."

Tasha Jeffries

"I really enjoyed your class and I think the zoom class worked out really well. I could clearly see your demonstrations with your various camera set-ups and I liked that everyone could test fire pieces the first night and show them the next day - a great way to learn about how to troubleshoot issues. Coming from a scientific background, I enjoyed your discussions on the compositions of the various metal clays and their interactions with each other and firing temperatures."

Tawni Blamble

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