Unveiling the World of Metal Clay: A Guide to Selecting the Correct Clay

Picking Your Metal Clay

Metal clay, an innovative medium for artists and jewelry makers, offers endless possibilities for creating unique and intricate designs. Among the array of metal clay options, those from Clay Revolution including Project X Silver Metal Clays and Five Star Base Metal Clays stand out for their quality and versatility. In this blog post, we'll delve into the different types of silver clay, including .999 fine silver, .960 silver clay, and .925 silver (sterling silver), offered by Project X Metal Clay. Additionally, we'll explore the base metal clays, like white bronze, copper, red bronze, and light bronze, from our Five Star line at Clay Revolution. We'll also discuss the distinctive properties and recommended uses for each type of metal clay, and provide project examples along with their pros and cons.


Project X Metal Clay: The Silver Selection
Project X's .999 fine silver clay is renowned for its versatility. Composed entirely of fine silver, this clay is incredibly malleable and easy to work with. Its flexibility and durability during firing make it an excellent choice for intricate designs and delicate pieces. Due to its firing versatility, it is ideal for a wide variety of designs and firing restrictions.
Project Example: Crafting intricate silver filigree earrings that require delicate detailing and a high level of precision.
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- Exceptional purity for a brilliant shine.
- Easy to manipulate and work with.
- High detail & durability
- Softer than sterling silver clays, making it less durable for heavy-wear jewelry.

.960 Silver Metal Clay

Project X's .960 silver clay strikes a balance between versatility and durability. This clay contains a slightly higher copper content compared to .999 fine silver, which results in improved strength. It's an excellent choice for items that require more durability without compromising on the stunning silver finish.
Project Example: Designing a silver pendant with intricate patterns and textures that need to withstand everyday wear and tear.
- Increased durability due to higher copper content.
- Maintains the lustrous silver appearance.
- Good balance between workability and strength.
- Requires a kiln to fire.


... Project X strikes the perfect balance between versatility and durability..."

.925 Sterling Silver

For those who seek the utmost durability in their metal clay creations, Project X offers .925 sterling silver clay. It contains a higher percentage of copper, enhancing its strength and resilience. This clay is perfect for crafting jewelry pieces like bracelets and rings that can endure daily use.
Project Example: Crafting a sturdy sterling silver ring with intricate designs and engravings.
- Exceptional durability and strength.
- Suitable for jewelry subjected to frequent use.
- Beautiful silver finish.
- Requires a carbon firing in a kiln.

Five Star Clay Revolution: The Base Metal Clays

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White Bronze Clay:
White bronze clay from our Five Star line opens up a world of possibilities for creating jewelry that mimics the appearance of silver without the high cost. It's a versatile option for both beginners and experienced artists, allowing them to experiment with designs and techniques.
Copper Clay:
Copper clay is an affordable and accessible choice for artists. It's a great option for making rustic or industrial-style jewelry. Keep in mind that copper can tarnish over time, so proper sealing and care are essential.
Red Bronze Clay:
Red bronze clay has a unique reddish tint that adds a warm and rustic touch to jewelry. It's well-suited for creating statement pieces and artisanal designs.
Light Bronze Clay:
Light bronze clay provides a more subtle bronze hue, making it a versatile choice for crafting various jewelry pieces with a touch of warmth and sophistication.
Bronze Clay:
Bronze clay provides a more antique bronze hue, making it a versatile choice for crafting various jewelry pieces with a touch of rustic charm.
In conclusion, the choice of metal clay depends on the specific project and desired characteristics. Project X Metal Clay offers a range of silver clays with varying levels of purity and durability, while our Five Star line provides a selection of base metal clays ideal for experimenting with different styles.
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Understanding the properties of each clay allows artists to create stunning jewelry that suits their vision, we’re happy to help you on your creative journey. Happy crafting!


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