Discount Programs


Five Star Metal Clays

Metal clay certificate holders can receive up to a 20% discount on all Five Star Metal Clays.

Users who hold a metal clay certification of any brand will receive a 10% discount on Five Star Metal Clays after verification. In addition, instructors will receive an additional 2% discount for each class taught using Five Star Metal Clays up to 5 classes with a maximum additional 10% discount. Each class discount should be submitted for approval immediately after the class was held.

PMC Metal Clays

PMC Certified (Rio Grande, PMCC or Camp PMC) members can receive up to 10% off PMC clays.

PMC certificate holders will receive 8% discount on any PMC product. PMC Certified Instructors can receive a 10% discount on PMC products.

Wholesale Accounts

Wholesale accounts are eligible to purchase without sales tax. Special pricing on quantity orders is also available.

Affiliate Program

We also offer an Affiliate Program in which you can earn commissions monthly just by sharing your personal affiliate link with your friends. You can get more details here

To apply:

Certificate holders - please email a copy of your metal clay certification along with a request to

Instructors - please email a copy of your metal clay certification, a link to verify your instruction status along with a request to

Wholesale - please email a copy of your resale license to along with your request for special pricing.

Please be certain to request which discount level you are applying for.