Metal Clay Projects

Check out all these great projects you can make with metal clay!

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TEXTURE - Learn how to use LinCora Texture Mats to create unique designs

TEXTURE - Adding Borders to your Textured Template Cut Outs

TEXTURE - Low Relief Textures and How to Use Them

CUSTOMIZING - Using Hallmark and Maker Mats to customize your work

MOLDING - Prepping and Using Molds 

CONNECTIONS - Paste, Syringe and Clay Connections

REFINING - Best Practices for Refining your Metal Clay

SILVER - How Does Silver Reflect Color, Why is it white???

BASE METALS - Five Star Metal Clay

BASE METALS - Why Base Metals Seem Tricky

BASE METALS - How to use White Bronze

POLISHING - Polishing Tools and How to Use Them 

POLISHING - Polishing After Patina to Achieve Antique Look

EARRINGS - One Hour Earrings

EARRINGS - Torch Fired Flower Earrings with my friend Francesca

BRACELET - Spiral Linked Bracelet

BRACELET - Weaving a Leather Bracelet with Metal Clay Components

RINGS - The basics of a wrap ring using a Stepped Mandrel

RINGS - Wrapped Around Your Finger, Shield Ring

BEACHWEAR - Adorned Ankles

PENDANT - Silver Tree Pendant with UV Resin

GLASS - Firing Glass with Bronze Clay

BEZELS - Setting Small Stones in Bezel Cups

FUSING - Fusing Jumprings

SINTERING - How Does Sintering Work

FOR FUN - Making of the Metal Clay Vest

"Art is standing with one hand extended into the universe and one hand extended into the world, and letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy."

- Albert Einstein

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