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Lighted Frosty

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The Ceramic Bisque Ware "Lighted Frosty" is a charming and enchanting piece designed to add a touch of magic to your creative projects. Here are the details:

  • Name: Lighted Frosty

  • Material: Ceramic Bisque Ware

  • Measurements: 6 1/4" Height x 4" Width x 3 1/4" Length

  • Lighting Feature: This delightful piece comes with the unique ability to be illuminated. The package includes a light kit that consists of a corded light, eliminating the need for additional twist lights.

  • Enchanting Glow: Lighted Frosty is more than just a ceramic piece; it's an experience. When the lights are turned off, this enchanting creation comes to life with a gentle, mesmerizing glow. It adds a magical ambiance to any space, making it a perfect addition to your creative projects or as a standalone decorative item.

Whether used as a standalone decoration or as part of a larger project, Lighted Frosty promises to captivate and bring a warm, whimsical atmosphere to any setting. Let the magic unfold as you turn off the lights and watch this charming piece come alive with its delightful glow.