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8x10mm Brass Fancy Bezel Oval

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This solid brass bezel cup holds one oval stone or glass cabochon, flat-back stone, or crystal. This easy-to-use bezel cup saves you time and provides clean lines and a professional-looking finish. Use it to create everything from earrings to cuff links to pendants. Attach the bezel cup to your metal clay with thick paste or clay. Or simply solder the bezel cup to a finding or design, and set as desired. The beautiful gallery wire walls are easy to use and highlight your stones.


This brass bezel cup fires with bronze metal clay while remaining a light gold color.


• Bezel cups are manufactured to the size advertised or may be slightly oversized because we know building up an undersized stone is easier and offers better results than forcing a bezel to accept an overly large stone. Please be aware that, due to stone-cutting tolerances, this cup may not accommodate all like-sized stones.

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