14" Sticky Bat
14" Sticky Bat

14" Sticky Bat

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Our 14-inch pottery sticky bat is perfect for precise trimming of dinnerware and low-profile pieces. Its secure grip on greenware ensures efficient trimming and excellent results.


  • 14” (355 mm) pottery sticky bat is covered with rubberized material
  • Firmly grips greenware pieces for easy and efficient trimming   
  • The ribbed plastic bat has both 9" (228 mm) and 10" (254 mm) bat pin spacing 
  • Made in the USA
  • Use it as a foam trim bat
  • Designed for trimming low-profile pieces
  • Can stabilize a piece of foam for a custom trimming chuck
  • Draw centering rings on the surface using a ballpoint pen
  • Trim without needing clay lumps
  • Makes tap-centering unnecessary
  • Cut down on trimming time
  • Prevents clay residue on the trimmed piece from lumps
  • Allows you to easily check the thickness of your piece
  • Centering rings can be washed off with soapy water
  • Works perfectly in conjunction with our Trimming Spinner 
    • Do not use with water. Sticky bats must be used dry only
    • Keep slight downward pressure on the piece
    • Do NOT use with tall, unstable, or out-of-balance pieces
    • Keep out of the reach of children
    • Follow all instructions and safety precautions 
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