Europe - this event is for you!


What is it?!?

Join us on November 22nd for the metal clay launch event of the decade!

Project X: A Metal Clay Mission

Clay Revolution is proud to host a FREE, LIVE broadcast event for everyone in the European continent to enjoy! We will be demonstrating this gorgeous Roses are Forever Pendant using the newest metal clay on the market, Project X.

Carrie Story will be live all day! You'll learn techniques and tips from one of the masters of modern metal clay, as Carrie demonstrates how to make this amazing kinetic, hidden connection pendant with Project X .999 Silver Clay. We will have some amazing raffle prizes including tools, kits and of course, Project X clay!

You won't only have access to Carrie - this event includes some of the most amazing metal clay artists in the industry! At different times during the event, we will join the studios of Julie Holt, Helen Drye, Marianne Donohoe and Sandra Quell as they demonstrate this fun project! You'll find the specific schedule at the end of the post.

But wait, there's more! What, more? YES!!!

We also have the amazing Sara Jonhnson discussing the inclusion of glass with Project X! Scroll down for further details, including the schedule!

Roses are Forever Pendant

Our amazing instructors will demonstrate this fun, and very dimensional, pendant using Project X .999 Silver Clay.

Students will learn to sculpt with paste to create unique pendant components. They will then create hidden links in clay to connect the three components. The pendant can be torch or kiln fired and we will discuss firing support options.

Follow along at home or just watch for fun!

Do you want to take the class in person???

There may be a few spots left. Check the studios below to see if you can snag a spot quickly!


Julie Holt, Surrey Jewellery School at the Oxford Bead Shop, Oxford England REGISTER SOLD OUT

Helen Drye, Silver and Stone Jewellery near York, United Kingdom REGISTER SOLD OUT

Marianne Donohoe, Grey Clouds and Silver Linings, Whitley, Wiltshire England REGISTER 

Sandra Quell, Metalclay Shop Bascharage Luxembourg REGISTER EN REGISTER FR  REGISTER DE SOLD OUT

Join the Event!

We will be hosting this event on Zoom. You can join us live and watch Carrie demonstrate the Roses are Forever pendant, visit all of the other instructors in their studios, interact with the guest speaker and win raffle prizes! We'll be pulling names for the prize drawings from the Zoom attendees. The event will be recorded and available for viewing on the Clay Revolution YouTube channel a few days after the event.

Wednesday November 22nd 10:00-5:00 GMT (London)

Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Passcode: 623774
Webinar ID: 824 0910 4962
Passcode: 623774
    International numbers available:

"We made a metal clay for metalsmiths."

- Cameron Lloyd

Our incredible instructors and guest speaker...

We have an unbelievable array of instructors helping us teach this fun class in Europe to keep you entertained! Watch live, and iinteract with these living legends! Scroll to the end of the post for the schedule.

Carrie Story, President of Clay Revolution, starts you off with an explanation of Project X silver clays, a review of the event schedule and then dives into the project demonstratons. 

Cameron Lloyd, Vice President of Clay Revolution, explains why we created a metal clay for metalsmiths.

Julie Holt, of Surrey Jewellery School will be hosting students at The Amy Surman School of Jewellery in Oxford, England

Helen Drye, Silver and Stone Jewellery, will be hosting students in her studio near York, United Kingdom.

Marianne Donohoe, Grey Clouds & Silver Linings, will be hosting students in her studio in Whitley, Wiltshire, England.

Sandra Quell, Metalclay-shop, will be hosting students in the Metalclay-Shop studio in Luxembourg.

Sara Johnson, Fused Glass Cabs Ltd, discusses how to incorporate glass into Project X.

Do you want to follow along and make the project at home???

Please visit our distributors to purchase the Project X: Roses are Forever kit

Cooksongold SHOP

Metalclay-shop SHOP EN SHOP FR SHOP DE

Here is a simplified tool list of items you will need:

  Basic metal clay tool kit (roller, mat, awl, release agent, water mister)

  Depth gauges

  Circle template or cutter (33mm-24mm approximate size)

  Log/snake roller

  5mm straw or mandrel to wrap coils

  Paint brush for paste

  Scalpel or mini-saw

  Hand drill

  Sanding equipment

  Firing equipment (butane torch or kiln, support material vermiulite or fiber blanket)


10:00am - Carrie Story talks about Project X and give everyone a bit of general iinformation about the class and schedule.


10:45am - Carrie Story demonstrates how to create the disks, dry and begin painting with paste.

11:30am - Julie Holt joins and gives you a tour of her studio, introductions to the students and awards prizes.

11:45am - Carrie Story continues demonstration.

12:15pm - Sandra Quell joins and gives you a tour of her studio, introductions to the students and awards prizes.

12:30pm - Carrie Story demonstrates refining and jumpring creation.

1:00pm - Sara Johnson discusses glass inclusions in Project X.

1:30pm - Carrie Story demonstrates attaching rings to the back of pendant.

2:15pm - Helen Drye joins and gives you a tour of her studio, introductions to the students and awards prizes.

2:30pm - Cameron Lloyd joins to discuss metal clay for metalsmiths.

2:45pm - Carrie story continues demonstration of attachments and refining.

3:00pm - Marianne Donohoe joins and gives you a tour of her studio, introductions to the students and awards prizes.

3:15pm - Carrie Story will discuss firing and demonstrate set up.

3:45pm - Carrie Story will demonstrate torch firing and polishing.

5:00pm - Event ends