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Colors of the Stone, Clay Revolution Booth
Casino del Sol
5655 W. Valencia Rd.
Tucson, AZ

  1. Meet the Masters: Get up close and personal with our featured instructors- renowned artists and craftsmen who will share their expertise and secrets to success.

  3. Project X Launch Party: Join us for a night of celebration at the Project X launch party. Enjoy music, refreshments, and the chance to mingle with fellow artists and instructors.

  5. Hands-On Workshops: Dive into immersive workshops led by our featured instructors. Learn new techniques, refine your skills, and create stunning masterpieces.

  7. Artisan Marketplace: Discover a curated marketplace featuring unique tools, materials, and artisan products from top suppliers in the industry, including Clay Revolution!

  9. Book Signing: Krystal Wick, author of Metal Clay 101 for Beaders, will be signing copies in person! See her at the booth Jan 31 from 11:00-1:00


Lion Punch Forge Demo: Christopher Anderson joins us to demonstrate how to use the Axis Soldering Syste, Basket Soldering Templates and Chain Making Mandrels

  1. Interactive Demos: Witness live demonstrations by experts in various craft disciplines. See their techniques in action and ask questions in real-time.

  3. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow artists, instructors, and industry professionals. Build lasting relationships and collaborations.

  5. Exclusive Deals: Take advantage of exclusive event discounts on products, materials, and tools.

  7. Inspiration and Innovation: Immerse yourself in a creative environment that's all about pushing boundaries, exploring new ideas, and celebrating artistry.

  9. Community and Camaraderie: Join a passionate community of artists and creators who share your love for metal clay. Forge connections that will last a lifetime.

  11. Wubber Pliers Demo: Laura Scott of Wubbers will be showing you how to create custom chains, links, clasps and more! Watch Laura explain how to use different pliers to create your own components!



Carrie's Classes in Tucson

Gilded Creations: Crafting Gold & Silver Bracelets

Silver Lentil Falls

Algerian Love Knot

Silver Breeze: Crafting Lightweight Elegance

Beginners Silver: Magic with Fine Silver Clay

Carrie Story: Pioneering Metal Clay Artist, Inventor, and Manufacturer

Carrie Story, a name synonymous with innovation in the world of metal clay, has revolutionized the industry with her creative prowess and technical expertise. As the visionary behind Clay Revolution, she has earned a stellar reputation for crafting exquisite, Five Star base metal clays and the coveted Five Star Project X silver clays.

Carrie's journey into the world of jewelry-making and metal clay artistry began in 2008, marking the genesis of her remarkable career. Over the years, she has become a prominent figure in the international metal clay community, and her influence extends far beyond the workshop.

One of Carrie's most notable achievements is her role as an esteemed instructor who imparts her knowledge and passion for metal clay worldwide. Her teaching style is a testament to her vibrant personality, characterized by a delightful blend of fun and energy. Carrie's classes are not just about creating beautiful jewelry but also delve into the intricate technical details of working with metal clay.

A true luminary in the industry, Carrie Story is a regular fixture at the prestigious Tucson Gem Show every year. Her booth at this renowned event has become a must-visit destination for those seeking the latest innovations in metal clay and a chance to learn from a true master.

When it comes to her own jewelry creations, Carrie's style is a reflection of her unique personality and influences. Her pieces exude an organic and effortlessly cool vibe, drawing inspiration from the alternative lifestyle of the 90s. Each creation tells a story and evokes a sense of nostalgia and rebellion, making them truly exceptional.

Beyond her role as an artist and instructor, Carrie Story is also the visionary director of the Camp MC Certification Program. This program, under her guidance, has become a coveted credential for aspiring metal clay artists, solidifying her commitment to the growth and development of the metal clay community.

Carrie Story's motto, "Liberating Your Creativity," is more than just a tagline; it's a testament to her dedication to pushing boundaries, breaking molds, and inspiring artists of all ages to explore the limitless possibilities of metal clay. With her exciting and edgy approach to the craft, Carrie is not just an artist; she's a trailblazer, a mentor, and an icon in the world of metal clay.

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Michael's Classes in Tucson

Terrific Terapins: Turtles & Tortoises in Metal Clay

Skulls: Creepy, Cool Calaveras

Awesome Owls

Wrap It Up: A Metal Clay & Dichroic Glass Intro

Michael Marx

I have been a sculptor and artist as long as I can remember. My childhood gifts were art supplies as often as they were toys or books. I was born in Massachusetts in 1969 and lived there for 18 years, before moving to California in 1987. After 33 years in the Bay Area, I relocated to South Carolina in 2020, where I currently reside. In the beginning, I sculpted in FIMO, a polymer clay, and this honed my ability to transform my visions into 3-D images.

In 2000, I took my first metal clay class and was hooked. Metal clay’s affinity for texture, flexibility of form, and choices of finishing techniques make it ideal for me as an artist. The combinations of fine detail, high texture and varied forms are not easily achieved using traditional methods of casting and fabrication.

I am passionate about my chosen medium and want to show that it is fine art and not just craft.


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Melissa's Classes in Tucson

Rings Two Ways

Basket Hoops

I Love You to the Moon

Mold and Stack Rings

Bombay Hoops

Melissa Kay-Steves

Melissa Kay-Steves has been making jewelry since she first repaired a special necklace that her grandmother gave to her back when she was twelve. Throughout college and her career in journalism and marketing, she taught herself basic techniques like wire wrapping and forming. She spent many years honing her skills and selling her work as a side hustle. In 2006, she took a precious metal clay certification class and was instantly hooked. In 2009 she was asked to teach a metal clay class and instantly found her calling. She began teaching locally in the afterschool programs in Queen Anne’s County Public Schools, Queen Anne’s County Free Libraries, River Arts in Chestertown, Academy Art Museum in Easton and at Bead Fest in Pennsylvania.
In 2019, after 20 years of creating and 10 years of teaching, she opened Charmtree Jewelry Studio, a metalsmith school in Stevensville, Maryland where she teaches a variety metalsmith classes to adults and teens. Her studio hosts visiting instructors from all over the country and also offers an afterschool program, Makers’ Nights, team bonding, holiday parties and bridal events.

Melissa is PMC certified through PMC Connection, Art Clay World and Camp MC and is a certifying instructor for Clay Revolution and the Sawtooth School for Visual Arts. She enjoys her days at the studio creating, teaching and sharing her love of jewelry making with others.




Stephanie's Classes in Tucson


Fusion Shield

River Stones

Illusion Garden


Stephanie Chavez

Stephanie Chavez is a certified metal clay artist and instructor. She has been working with metal clay for over 15 years. She is a diverse artist, proficient in many jewelry mediums, although her love, passion, and expertise remain in metal clay.

From beginners to advanced; she believes we each have the capacity to be inspired artists. Many people just need a safe and fun environment to explore their own creative limits. That is what she provides and shares, bringing joy to all those who attend her workshops.



Brandy's Class in Tucson

Simple Silver Champleve: No Kiln No Problem!



Brandy Boyd

Brandy found her way to metal clay in the late 90's while searching for a way to make her beadwork more her own. Armed with a starter kit with instructions in only Japanese, she jumped in with both feet and never looked back. Her passion for the medium and love for sharing it with others led her to pursue certification wherever possible. She has combined her other passion, enameling, with metal clay, as the two are a perfect match!



Carrie Story Tucson Classes

Michael Marx Tucson Classes

Melissa Kay-Steves Tucson Classes

Stephanie Chavez Tucson Classes

Brandy Boyd Tucson Classes

Find us in the cozy Meeting Room B, nestled between the showroom hallway and the outside terrace. This year, all our classes will be held indoors for your comfort!

You'll find us at the exquisite Casino del Sol, located at 5655 W Valencia Rd, Tucson, AZ. The casino offers the added convenience of free parking and a variety of fantastic restaurants and amenities.

While shuttle stops are planned at the casino twice daily, we understand your schedule might require more flexibility. In that case, considering a rental car or shared ride could be the most convenient option for ensuring you make it to your class on time.

Cancellation Policy

For classes paid and registered through this website, cancellations will be refunded in full with three weeks notice. If cancellation is not received with three weeks notice, 50% of class fee will be refunded. No refunds for cancellations under 48 hours. If cancelling, you must provide the name and email that the class was registered under.

Cancellations and refunds for classes paid on another website will be subject to the policies on that website.

While the CDC guidelines allow for students to safely resume classes, it is ultimately the responsibility of each student to make personal choices as to how best to protect themselves. We trust those who attend our classes to be mindful of the health and safety of other students and Clay Revolution personnel. Please stay home if you are ill or have been exposed! If you need to cancel your class due to COVID-19, you may receive a credit towards another class on a future date or receive the materials and written tutorial (tools are not included) for the class you are not able to attend.

Class sizes are limited for personal attention so register early!

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