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Our own revolutionary design of professional-level depth guides will allow you to regulate the thickness of your clay work like never before. 

The L-shape of the gauges allows you to surround small pieces with ease. Roll in multiple directions to achieve the most consistent thickness from edge to edge. Get better texture detail and flatter rolls.

Our design allows you to adjust the size of the inner working area just by sliding the gauges closer and further apart.

Need to roll a long skinny piece? WE GOT YA!

Need to roll a big flat circle? WE GOT YA!!

Need to roll a thin, tiny square? WE GOT YA!!!

Adjustable Rolling Gauges come in 5 thicknesses. Use them to roll clay as thin as .5mm and as thick as 5.75mm thick. Each size is color coded to make selection easy while you are working.

Set comes with 10 pieces;

2- .5mm / .02” / 2 cards

2- .75mm / .03” / 3 cards

2- 1mm / .04” / 4 cards

2- 1.5mm / .06” / 6 cards

2- 2mm / .08” / 8 cards

Gauges measure 6”L x 4”W