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Polishing Motor Bristle Set

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This standard set up is perfect for achieving a high polish on your metal clay work. The set includes the Polishing Motor, set of 6 grits (3 bristle disks each grit) and set of 6 spindle adaptors.

This quality bench polishing motor features a high torque variable speed motor (3,000–7,000rpm). Accepts wheels, buffs and polishers up to 4" in diameter; accessories should be rated for at least 7,500rpm. • Motor: 1/6hp • Shaft size: 5/16" Power : 110 volts; 3.4 amps

3" bristle disks fit on bench polishing motors. Package of 18 disks. Set includes 3 each of 120g, 220g, 400g, Pumice, 6micron and 1micron. (Not pictured, two bonus 4" muslin buffs - not for use with metal clay, but with traditional metalwork and polishing compounds. Never use polishing compounds on your metal clay pieces!)

Use Spindle Adaptor to attach disks to motor spindles.

This center spindle adapter allows you to assemble radial bristle discs for use on a tapered spindle. For use with a 3/8" center hole.

Attach bristle disks and screw two adapter pieces together. Twist onto polishing motor spindle. Set of 6 adaptors (12 pieces).

Here's a quick video to explain how to set it up https://youtu.be/ta5wJexS9-s