five star copper and bronze metal clay certification

Learn everything you need to know about Five Star Copper and Bronze clays in this advanced certification course!

From the consistency to the firing options, this class will provide you with the working knowledge to use the clays efficiently and utilize the versatility of this great medium. Carrie will discuss the clay properties and provide examples. You will work in the wet clay state, practice reconstituting the clay along with making numerous projects. You will construct pieces in both copper and bronze and practice stone setting, embeddable settings and production work.

Students will be required to successfully torch fire and carbon fire copper and bronze. Each day will consist of discussion and clay work. Great time will be spent discussing the firing of coppers and bronzes along with troubleshooting guidance. Carrie will provide the guidance and tips you need to hold your own Five Star Metal Clay classes and become an expert metal clay instructor.

This class is designed for instructional purposes and is best suited to students familiar with metal clays. A written test will be administered upon completion of the projects. After completion of the projects and a passing grade of the written test students will receive a Clay Revolution Five Star Metal Clay Certification.

Class Projects include: Production level textured components, pendant with bail, embeddable findings and stones project, molded project and sculpted flower.



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Metal clay certificate holders can receive up to a 20% discount on all Five Star Metal Clays.

In addition, instructors will receive an additional 2% discount for each class taught using Five Star Metal Clays up to 5 classes with a maximum additional 10% discount. Each class discount should be submitted for approval immediately after the class was held.

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