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Superwool HT Fiber Blanket

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Superwool HT Fiber Blanket is the safer option for cradling beads and other objects that require support in the kiln. Blanket is 6"x6"x1" and can be cut to fit any shape.

Superwool is a flexible, easy to use, environmentally friendly insulating material. The Superwool blanket has excellent thermal stability and does not contain binder or lubricant. It will not emit any fume or smell during the first firing. This material will maintain its original soft fibrous texture up to the maximum continuous use temperature.

This material can be heated to a maximum continuous use temperature of 2,372°F / 1,300°C.

Note: This material has been exonerated from any carcinogenic classification under note Q of directive 97/69 EC European Union. It is non-toxic, and testing has shown that any fiber that might be breathed in and reach the lungs are rapidly removed. This characteristic is referred to as low biopersistence. As a consequence fibers do not accumulate in the lung.