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PMC Aqua Hydration 10ml

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This hydration solution from PMC® restores your metal clay (any metal clay) to optimal working consistency—even if you inadvertently use a bit too much. This formula is superior to using distilled water and avoids the pasty result that water can produce. This special formulation not only rehydrates slightly over-dried clay but is ideal for restoring completely dried-out clay. When used to rehydrate your clay, PMC Aqua is also extends its working life and, when used with PMC Flex™ clay, Aqua creates a "super-flex" clay that offers even more working time. Use this solution to create your own clay sheets or clay slip, too, allowing you to more easily create weaves and woven designs.

This solution is delivered in a convenient two-way dispenser lid; dispense by the drop or pour out larger amounts.