Fusion Shield Feb. 3, 2024 Tucson AZ
Fusion Shield Feb. 3, 2024 Tucson AZ

Fusion Shield Feb. 3, 2024 Tucson AZ

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Date/Time: Saturday, February 3, 2024 9:30am-12:30pm

Location: Colors of the Stone show, Casino Del Sol, 5655 W Valencia Rd, Tucson AZ 85757

Fusion Shield

Discover the fusion of Argentium and Metal Clay as they seamlessly intertwine in this captivating workshop. Artistic possibilities are endless as you dive into a comprehensive exploration of multiple metal clay techniques. Master the intricate dance of heat and form with metal clay and Argentium silver. You will transform raw materials into a masterpiece, guided by expert instruction and your own boundless creativity.As a bonus you’ll be able to apply a pop of color as a finishing touch.

Instructor: Your guide on this artistic journey is none other than Stephanie Chavez, a leading authority in the art of metal clay. With Stephanie's expert guidance, you'll master the techniques to craft stunning designs.

Class Fee: The cost for this enriching experience is just $125 per participant. This fee includes 10 grams of Project X .999 silver clay, tools, and equipment you'll need to bring your pieces to life. No hidden costs—just pure creative enjoyment.

Class Kit: A n additional fee of $40.00 will be due to the instructor at the class. This kit fee not only covers the essential materials needed for your project but also includes Argentium silver, necklace cord, coloring materials, consumables, and thorough instructions to ensure your crafting experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Who Can Join:

This class welcomes participants of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced metal clay artists. Stephanie's patient and expert instruction ensures that everyone can enjoy and excel in this creative endeavor.


Join Us and Liberate Your Creativity:

Reserve your spot today, and let your imagination run wild as you craft this stylish pendant. We can't wait to see you there!

Note: All necessary tools and equipment will be provided during the class. Additionally, we offer a 10% discount on tool kits for students who register in advance and select the option with the tool kit. We'll have your tool kit ready for you in Tucson!

The tool kit contains 12 essential metal clay tools. To see the complete tool kit, click here.