Blank Bisque Dinner Plate
Blank Bisque Dinner Plate

Blank Bisque Dinner Plate

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1 3/8" H x 11 1/2" Dia

Product Description:

Let the elegant simplicity of this bisqueware plate serve as a blank canvas for your imagination! Create a holiday design, a special family birthday plate, a commemorative gift for a special occasion (wedding, graduation, Quinceañera, Sweet Sixteen, anniversary, Mother's/Father's Day), or just for the joy of creating! The possibilities are endless (or at least, only constrained by the size of your plate)!

This bisqueware plate is ready to be painted with your choice of brilliant colors - check out our selection of Stroke and Coat glazes, which fire "true to color," meaning that you get a good sense of the final color from the unfired glazes. Stroke and Coat glazes can also be blended together like paints to give you more subtle transitions between colors, as all the glazes in the Stroke and Coat line are compatible with each other. Follow Clay Revolution on Facebook and Instagram for project ideas and techniques!