Beginner Silver Clay and Soldering April 6, 2024 Madison NC
Beginner Silver Clay and Soldering April 6, 2024 Madison NC
Beginner Silver Clay and Soldering April 6, 2024 Madison NC
Beginner Silver Clay and Soldering April 6, 2024 Madison NC
Beginner Silver Clay and Soldering April 6, 2024 Madison NC

Beginner Silver Clay and Soldering April 6, 2024 Madison NC

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Beginners Silver Clay and Soldering: Crafting Elegance with Carrie Story

Unlock the world of metal clay and soldering with the guidance of master metal clay artist Carrie Story in this comprehensive workshop. Whether you're a novice to metal clay, soldering, or both, this class provides a hands-on experience to create stunning earrings while mastering the fundamental techniques of both crafts.

What You'll Learn:

Metal Clay Basics: Dive into the essentials of working with metal clay, from rolling and texturing to precise cutting. Carrie Story will guide you through the creation of metal clay components, ensuring a solid foundation in the art.

Refining, Firing, and Polishing: Explore the entire process, from refining your metal clay components to firing and achieving a polished finish. Learn the nuances that make your creations truly stand out.

Soldering Fundamentals: Delve into the world of soldering as you discover the basics of joining metal components. Carrie will cover all the fundamentals, ensuring a solid understanding of this crucial skill.

Earring Creation: Apply your newfound knowledge to create beautiful earrings by soldering the metal clay components together. Witness your designs come to life in this final step of the process.

Class Details:

Instructor: Carrie Story, a master metal clay instructor with a passion for teaching and nurturing creative talent.

Class Duration: The workshop runs from 9 am to 5 pm EST, with a break for lunch.

In-Person and Online Options: Attend in person or join the class online to accommodate different preferences and locations.

Kit Inclusions:
- 15g Project X .999 Flex silver clay
- .925 square wire

- .925 earring wires
- Use of tools and consumable materials for in-person students

**For Online Students:**
- A list of required tools and materials is below to ensure a seamless and interactive learning experience. Student will receive an email one week before class with the sign in details. The class will be held via Zoom.

Who Should Attend:

This class is perfect for beginners to metal clay, beginners to soldering, or anyone looking to enhance their skills in both areas. Experienced artists seeking additional design options will find inspiration and challenges tailored to their expertise.

Why Enroll:

Gain hands-on experience, learn from a master instructor, and create a beautiful pair of earrings that showcase your newly acquired skills. Whether you're starting your creative journey or adding new dimensions to your expertise, this workshop promises an enriching experience.

Reserve your spot today and embark on a creative adventure with Carrie Story. Elevate your skills in metal clay and soldering, and craft earrings that reflect your unique style and craftsmanship.

List of required tools and materials for online students: basic metal clay toolkit, release agent, texture of your choice, lg earrings 1 7/8" circle and 1/2" circle template or cutter, sm earrings 1 5/8" circle and 1/2" circle template or cutter (TOO032 template will work for both options, cookie cutters are ideal but the template will work, sizes listed are critical), 7mm and 3mm mandrel REQUIRED (PLR1302 and PLR1303), small file, wire cutters, firing equipment torch or kiln, tumbler or burnisher and other polishing equipment, flux, hard medium and easy solder chips, tweezers, solder board, pickle and pickle pot, copper tongs.