Midwest Popup Show 2021

DoubleTree-Chesterfield, Missouri
16625 Swingley Ridge Road
Chesterfield, MO 63017


Creative Mind and Body Day

Low-Impact Creative & Relaxation Class 7a-7:45a


Fused Silver Earrings & Pendant 8a-5p

Shopping 5p-6p


Delicate Silver Flower Earrings 8a-12p

Bronze Clay with Soldered Stone Setting Part 1 1p-5p

Shopping 5p-6p


Bronze Clay with Soldered Stone Setting Part 2 8a-12p

Open Studio 1p-5p

Shopping 5p-6p


Elemental Linked Bracelet Camp PMC Course 104 8a-5p

Shopping 5p-6p



DoubleTree Chesterfield, Missouri

16625 Swingley Ridge Road

Chesterfield, MO 63017

DoubleTree Website

(636) 532-5000


*Special room rates are available for Clay Revolution Students.

Standard Room: $101.00

Junior Suite: $110.00

Rooms available from March 13th-17th.

Reservations must be made by Feb. 19th, but rooms may still be available afterwards.

Students will have access to Chesterfield Athletic Club classes, pools, and gyms from March 13th to 17th.


Fused Silver Earrings & Pendant REGISTER


Low-Impact Creative & Relaxation Class, Breakfast & Lunch

Students can start their day with a relaxing, low-impact exercising class intended to spark creativity & clear their mind. After clearing your mind, a wonderful selection of fruits, yogurts, granola bars, juices, water & soft drinks will be available. A selection of light artisan sandwiches will also be provided for lunch!

In this fun class, students will learn how to make fine silver decorative elements with PMC3 and fuse them to Argentium wire. Students will first make three elements with PMC3 and torch fire the elements. Then, Argentium wire will be formed and fused to create the earring bases and earring wires. Once formed, the silver clay elements will be fused to the top of the wire to complete unique designs. Up to two pairs of earrings and a pendant will be made in class. Students may bring decorative beads if desired.

Delicate Silver Flower Earrings REGISTER

Learn how to make fine silver earrings! No experience necessary! Learn how to sculpt your silver metal with simple tools right in the palm of your hand. You will learn to create ultra delicate and detailed pieces of silver metal clay, construct, set stones, fire and patina to enhance the design. Carrie will provide detailed instructions and demonstrations while you make two intricate silver earrings. You will have access to try a variety of tools and equipment to help you decide what would be best for your future projects.

Bronze Clay with Soldered Stone Setting REGISTER

Learn how to start incorporating traditional metalsmith techniques into your metal clay work. By soldering metals to your metal clay, you can create a more versatile design while improving the durability of your finished pieces. Students will learn to solder brass bezel cups onto finished bronze metal clay components and set gemstones. Carrie will provide detailed soldering instructions while you make two solder connections. Students will solder the bezels onto the metal clay components, pickle, polish, set the stones and patina. You will have access to try a variety of tools and equipment to help you decide what would be best for your future projects. Finish a pair of beautiful earrings, and leave with the expertise and knowledge required to solder metal clay jewelry on your own. All levels of experience are welcome. This is a 2-part class.

Elemental Linked Bracelet Camp PMC Certification Course 104 REGISTER

Course 1o1 is a prerequisite. In this course, students will learn the fundamental techniques of setting stones with bezel wire and bezel cups. Students will first design a PMC bracelet using both PMC3 and PMC Flex to create heavy, detailed links which can be fired together. Once the bracelet is complete, students will shift from metal clay work to basic soldering skills to create fitted bezels and settings.​ This is a 2-day course.


Join Carrie for a relaxing jewelry work session. This is open studio time and can be used however you wish. This is a perfect opportunity to refine and polish your metal clay pieces, practice soldering or simply ask questions. Carrie will be on hand to answer questions and assist you where necessary. You will have access to all of the studio tools including the bench polishers, soldering equipment and metal clay tools. Materials may be purchased separately if desired.