Beginner Silver Clay Aug 23, 2024 Anaheim CA
Beginner Silver Clay Aug 23, 2024 Anaheim CA
Beginner Silver Clay Aug 23, 2024 Anaheim CA

Beginner Silver Clay Aug 23, 2024 Anaheim CA

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The Loft Jewelry Studio
1179  N Patt St
Anaheim, CA 92801


AUGUST 23RD 2024
4pm to 8pm  

Learn from the best with Carrie Story, an expert in the field and the President of Clay Revolution. Her wealth of knowledge and passion for metal clay crafting will ensure a fulfilling and educational experience.

Class Fee:  Your investment in this evenings exploration is priced at $100 for registration. There is a kit fee of $50 payable to the instructor during class for materials.

Materials Included:
As part of the workshop, each student will receive:
- 15 grams of Project X .999 Flex silver clay
Tool kits will be provided for use

In this comprehensive class, you will:

Rolling and Cutting: Master the techniques of rolling out silver clay and cutting it into various shapes, setting the foundation for your creations.

Texturing: Explore the art of adding texture to your silver clay pieces, allowing you to infuse personality and depth into your designs.

Firing: Learn the fundamentals of torch firing, a crucial skill in the metal clay crafting process. Carrie will demonstrate proper torch firing techniques. Understand the intricacies of applying heat to transform your creations. Class projects will be kiln fired for time efficiency.

Refinement and Polishing: Discover how to refine your silver clay pieces in the greenware state and polish them to achieve a professional and polished finish.

Working with Metal Clays: Gain insights into the different types of metal clays, their characteristics, and the best practices for working with them.

Tool Tips and Required Equipment: Carrie will share invaluable tool tips and guide you on the essential equipment needed for successful silver clay crafting. Learn the ins and outs of each tool to enhance your skills.

Who Can Join:

"Beginners Silver Clay" is designed for those taking their first steps into the world of metal clay crafting. Whether you're a complete beginner or have some prior experience, this class provides a supportive environment for learning and creativity. Experienced metal clay users wishing to explore the new Project X silver clays may use class time to design more intricate work.

Join Us and Liberate Your Creativity:
This class is not just an introduction to Project X silver clay; it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the art of metal clay crafting and unleash your creativity under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Connect with fellow artists, experiment with new techniques, and walk away with the skills to create beautiful silver clay pieces.

Secure your spot today and let the journey into the fascinating world of silver clay crafting begin!

Note: All necessary tools and equipment will be provided during the class. Join us on this artistic journey and discover the joy of working with Project X silver clay.